Pre-program care with a luxury escort in greater kailash: enjoy sex like a man

First of all, it is worth remembering one thing - no call girl is the same as another. These Greater Kailash escortsare girls who will do exactly what you want, just as there are girls who if you let them do it their way, and it has nothing to do with sex being mechanical or engaging, but that every woman has her own way. That said, be prepared that if the girl arrives undressing, you ask for more time to talk and get to know each other. As if the girl is too slow, take action to get to her and start the fucking game.

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How is the call girl on-site or flat attendance?

Before the program, ask for the address. Most will only pass the apartment number when you arrive. In some locations there is reception, and often it will be necessary to show identification at reception before going up. Climb up to her apartment, ring the bell and get ready to hear her approach the door in high heels. Usually the Greater Kailash escortgirl has a motel of choice. Some may even partner with motels, providing discounts for this type of service. When you arrive at the motel, let them know you're expecting someone and let the girl know your suite number.

How are the foreplay with a call girl?

Each one deals with this part in a different way. You can offer a glass of scotch or wine to the girl. Other people already prefer to go straight to the fight. Regardless of your preference, note that there are two types of girl - the ones that go at your speed, and the ones that want you to go at her speed.Finally, it is worth remembering that some girls ask for advance payment. If it's your first time with escort service in Greater Kailash, or even if you're a virgin, don't be afraid to tell her that. This will surely make her help you in the process and will find it natural if you have any questions along the way.

Some basic things you should know


This is not just a matter of respect, but if you are late, you risk upsetting the female escort in Greater Kailash, and no one likes to start the night off with their left foot.

Don't get drunk, and under no circumstances use drugs - If the girl feels that you are out of your mind, you risk not even wanting to meet you and you miss the trip. You may ask the Escort Girls in Greater Kailash who is going to meet you that if she bothers if you have a beer. When in doubt, ask the girl.


Take a shower and brush your teeth - This is not just a matter of respect, but you can't expect the model to kiss you or to do oral without a condom if you get there by doing hygiene. If the escorts in Greater Kailashasks you to take a shower first, do not resist. It will be better for both.