Physical happiness is one of the bestways to make yourself happy

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Take a deep breath: To prolong the pleasure in bed, you must learn how to breathe while having sex. Concentrating on your breath will stretch the pleasure and relax the tension that builds up during arousal. If you feel overcrowded and anxious during sex, take a few deep breaths and see what happens. If you are aroused and want to prolong the pleasure, take a deep breathe several times. Breathing is one of the sexual secrets. Give it a try! This will not only positively affect sexual life, but also help to relax in difficult everyday situations.


Dance Known fact: This is not surprising, since during the dance your pulse and breathing become more frequent, the movements are harmonious, and the level of confidence is grown. The same thing happens during the intimacy of lovers. Dance movements can be used before sex as a way to study the body of a partner, or can be connected directly to sexual intercourse, choosing appropriate postures in a standing or sitting position. If you want to enjoy your exciting moment through dance then independent Delhi escorts is one of the best options.


The choice of posture: The true fact is that poses play an important role in achieving pleasure. Sexual intercourse doesn’t last long but if you want to enjoy sexual warmth like an animal you should know various postures that will help to stay long with a girl. Different positions can have the opposite effect on different people. For an example, the girl is lyingsidewise, you touch her from behind and lying as same, rubbing hand on her boobs, belly, navel and breathing over her neck. After a few minute you both startorgasm.If you want to bring more such examples like this in your real life, you must hire the sexiest woman in town from Delhi Escorts Agency.

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Another way to prolong your pleasure will be the right choice of rhythm. It is up to you how much time you’ll spent with your partner. But, experts usually advise to have sexual intercourse thrice in a week. Foremost, busy life requires peace and you can find it from sexual happiness. You may enjoy it with different partners. But, keep one thing always in your mind that you must protect yourself from fatal diseases like HIV, STD, STI, etc. You need to use condom. So, if you want tofreely fulfilyour wishes and fantasies with the Escorts in Delhi, keep these recommendations in mind.